Private banks

Under the strong pressure of recent years on ‘Secret bancaire’ and tax evasion in particular, as well as rising operating costs, private banks must reinvent their business model while strengthening their regulatory compliance. Our consultants have a real knowledge of the banking business and are able to support you in all your operations: digital transformation of course, but first of all the implementation of processes (Customer on-boarding, for example) and systems control (regulatory reporting, BI solutions, tax reporting) in compliance, application’s optimization for better exprience of business, change management with users.

Commodity trading

Most often manual, the Commodity Trading activity requires the implementation of an ERP-type vertical solution on the entire company, replacing the Excel tool. This ERP Trading will first of all make the trades more efficient, less waste of time in re-entering the data and checks with increased quality and a reduction in financial and operational risk. Then give managers the opportunity to follow the activity in detail from the initiation of a transaction to its outcome, such as the P&L of the case, while providing a global economic vision to strengthen or guide the strategy of the company and of course to respond to the growing demands of the Legislator. Our specialists will advise you in the choice of this ERP and/or then pilot and realize your integration project.

Real Estate

With an expertise of real estate activities, our consultants will be able to assist you in defining your needs both in the administration of property and in their financial management (fund management) and will recommend the most appropriate solution. They will also be able to assist you with the integration project of the chosen solution: project management, analysis, development of interfaces and data migration and support for users.

Public administrations

Our expertise in all areas of ICT allows us to provide essential support to the digital transformation of services to citizens. The policy of implementation of the eGovernment started a few years ago must be today pushed to the state of the art to finally put the Citizens back to the center of the State’s concerns. Mobility, dematerialization and Block-Chain are today the components to achieve this challenge, having however previously a process approach, a must for a successful digital transformation and without putting into question the existing applications.


Experienced in services and their optimization, our consultants can assist you on several levels: in assistance to the business side to define the specifications of user needs guided by a business process approach, define a functional and technical architecture, on the IT side to drive the development or integration project of a new solution in order to set up the digitization of a service.


In the field of insurance, our group can provide on the one hand our software solution 'PS Pension' to cover your needs related to occupational benefits, on the other hand all of our IT consulting services both in business support and in project management to assist you in the digital transformation of the customer relationship. By promoting a process approach, the key to digital transformation, our dedicated software teams and our integration consultants will help you to make your project a success, especially in the implementation of mobility services to policyholders.

Pension funds

Our PS Pension software package will provide your foundation with all the rigor and performance needed to manage a professional pension fund. Our 'turnkey' solution will allow you after an initial setup phase to manage all assets and annuitants, changes and financial flows, to produce the regulatory documents associated with the LPP. Modern software offered in SaaS or on-premise, PS Pension is the best compromise between professionalism and ROI to properly manage the 2nd Pillar.


In the midst of economic challenges, however the healthcare field has to face many challenges: the ever-growing integration of 'research' into a vast network, the integration of technological solutions to both reduce costs and give more efficiency to health staff while maintaining the current level of the IS. Our specialist consultants will be able to assist you in the choice and deployment of new solutions such as the shared medical file at the cantonal level, the reception of patients in the institutions, ambulatory medicine, emergency medical system or intensive care integrated with the electronic medical record, thanks to the proven software from our international partners.

Non-governmental organisations

Depending on your needs, we can offer the services of our specialized consultants in various ERP solutions to complete MOA or MOE teams, or participate in the construction of specific solutions based on standard framework technologies. We can also take charge of the testing project for the new solution, such as ensuring the change management project for users.


Facing the same challenges as the industry in general, the luxury sector has more and more the need to be innovative, but especially to build Agility to absorb the variability of demand (growth and decline in two digits).


The industry is continuing its digitization work to increasingly integrate its Clients and Suppliers (extended enterprise concept). In addition to that point, the Industry sector is still facing the challenge to integrate and to rationalize common services after merges or acquisition operations (grouping the Purchasing function for example).